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“Aggregate into” Meaning & Sentences

“Aggregate into” is a phrase that refers to the process of collecting, gathering, combining, or assembling separate parts, components, or data points into a single, unified entity.

The process of aggregation is typically used to create groups of individual elements.

How to use “Aggregate into” in a sentence

  1. You should aggregate different operations or modules into a larger program or system before analyzing their efficacy.
  2. It is essential to aggregate separate data points into summary statistics or create groups to analyze trends.
  3. Trehalose and betaine can disrupt protein aggregate into protein-soluble assemblies by altering ionic strength and stabilizing hydrophobic amino acids from hydrophobic protein-protein interactions.
  4. Individual efforts from team members aggregated into a collective achievement that contributed to the success of the project.
  5. Our company employees annually aggregate the feedback of our customers into a complete report to identify issues and improve future service.
  6. Scientists collect results from different replicas of the same experiment and then aggregate them into a single data set to analyze the output.
  7. The content of the website data was aggregated into different categories to avoid perplexity.
  8. We always consider that our company’s success is related to individual efforts, as they will aggregate into a collective achievement.
  9. Spatial aggregation can be employed to aggregate the colleges into states to find the number of colleges.
  10. The families in our hometown were aggregated into different categories based on their economic status.
  11. Aggregate your study syllabus into different priority levels, which can help you find and read important topics during exams.
  12. I collected all my paintings and aggregated them into one gallery.
  13. My father asked me to aggregate all my old shoes into one box and dump them out.
  14. When put together, the puzzle pieces will aggregate into a whole picture.
  15. I always insist that my students aggregate all their notes into one notebook for easy access.
  16. These vegetables and spices will aggregate into a tasty soup when blended.

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