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Their choice or Their choices

Both “their choice” and “their choices” are grammatically correct phrases, and they convey slightly different meanings based on the context they are used in.

“Their choice” is a phrase used to convey the single opinion or decision of an entire group. It can be applied to express opinions in a variety of contexts.

Their choices” is a plural form of “their choice.” It can be used to convey multiple decisions or opinions of a group or a person

Below are some example sentences using “their choices” in different contexts.

“Their choice” in a sentence

  1. We don’t have the right to disagree with their choice.
  2. They are responsible for their choice in selecting a minister in their constituency.
  3. It is their choice how they will celebrate the World Cup victory.
  4. They are given several opportunities, but utilizing them or not is their choice.
  5. It is their choice to mark one of the multiple choices for this question.
  6. I will back their choice of going to the countryside to enjoy nature.
  7. They made their choice without considering my opinion.
  8. Making one choice together as a group is considered their final choice.
  9. Create a menu of foods so that everyone can make their choice of what they want to eat based only on their taste.
  10. Top universities offer a range of course levels, allowing students to enroll in courses according to their choice.
  11. When it comes to wearing the uniform for school, students cannot wear their favorite outfit based on their choice.
  12. A married couple is confident that considering a term insurance policy is their best choice.
  13. Some people pray to God, and some don’t; it is completely their choice based on personal beliefs.

“Their choices” in sentences

  1. People follow different lifestyles, and these decisions often relate to their choices and opinions.
  2. Making their choices based on their preferences is up to them.
  3. Voters use their right to vote in society to express their choices in electing suitable political leaders who serve people’s needs in a timely manner.
  4. Everyone should make decisions about their goals and accomplishments as they go through their study journey, which helps them shape their choices for their lovely future.
  5. Individuals in various groups can be seen wearing items that underscore their choices in their appearance and express who they are.
  6. People diversify their assets to reduce the risks; each asset represents one of their investment choices when it comes to financial planning.
  7. Youtubers do vlogging on different topics based on their choices of the content they like.
  8. My kids enjoyed this weekend by ordering their choices of food items and pizza toppings for dinner.
  9. In an upcoming event, what our colleagues eat and where they sit are completely their personal choices, so arranging all the needs is our responsibility.
  10. Limiting clinical discretion and restricting their choices are not among the numerous setbacks that theoretically exist when trying to apply health research in practice.
  11. Encouraging young people to make their healthy choices to mitigate the risk of developing future chronic diseases is essential in the 21st century.
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